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Terms and Conditions

1. Store details and policies:

When you click I agree to the terms of service and return and exchange policy when you check out the shopping cart, it means that you have read and agreed to the entire content of this agreement.

The store will protect your personal data in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and abide by the store's privacy protection policy.

When you use our store's services on SHOPLINE, you agree to use electronic documents as a method of expression.


Order related

The store reserves the right to accept or reject the order. If your order cannot be accepted due to accidents and other circumstances, we will contact you by phone, MAIL or order message on the site, and you can change the order content or apply for a refund. If it causes your inconvenience, we thank you Please excuse me.

If the recipient's information is incomplete, the mobile phone number is filled incorrectly, the MAIL mailbox is filled incorrectly, the recipient cannot receive the goods, unexpected natural disasters, system equipment maintenance, goods transfer, inventory, and other factory replenishment, the delivery time will be postponed , please forgive me.

After the package is sent out, if the package is returned due to the recipient's wrong information, the recipient's inability to receive the goods, or no one at the recipient's address to sign for it, the recipient must ask the recipient to make up for the freight and send it again.

The above delivery time is an estimated time, the actual delivery status depends on the local delivery driver, and the delivery time cannot be guaranteed. If there are gifts, going abroad or other special reasons, you need to bear the risk of time limitation.


2. Privacy Protection Policy:

Data collection and use

This store is a cooperative store of SHOPLINE. When you shop, this store will use the functions provided by the SHOPLINE platform to collect your personal information and consumption-related information in the process of shopping checkout and fulfilling the contract, as providing goods or services. And the use of subsequent customer service and marketing promotion related to SHOPLINE.

This store may provide the information necessary for delivery of goods or services to the logistics provider for delivery or contact.

Information disclosure:

In addition to cooperating with the investigation of judicial organs, other competent authorities or police units in accordance with the law, or when you have violated laws or contracts and have the necessary circumstances to claim rights, this store will not disclose or sell your information to anyone unless it is in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. s personal profile.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy:

The store reserves the right to revise this privacy protection policy at any time. If there are major changes that affect your rights and interests, the store will announce it in an appropriate place on the webpage.